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I’m Disabled . . . Now What?, our Lifestyle Changes publication, is intended to help Seniors and those with Disabilities or Special Needs to lead more independent lives by enhancing individual capabilities with up to date resources to help you adapt to your changing lifestyle.



The transition from full good health to having a disability has been described as being like “walking into a wall” — except much worse.

After recovering from the initial disorientation, immediate access to reliable, current, comprehensive lifestyle change information will be needed. Purchasing a wheelchair for the first time, should you get one that is manual or powered? A person who uses a wheelchair needs detailed, reliable information on Ramps and Accessible Thresholds as well as considering whether a stair lift will be necessary.

We’ve carefully researched the endless list of adjustments to lifestyle options if you become disabled and included them here, all in one place.

Includes Instant Access to:

  • Objective information on 40,000 accessible products
  • Tips on AccessABLE Travel for Seniors & Travelers with Special Needs
  • Mobility Guides on Manual & Powered Wheelchairs and Accessible Thresholds
  • Home Modifications, Liberating Yourself From Immobility Within Your Very Own Home
  • Foreign Travel Considerations for Medicare Beneficiaries
  • Travelers with Chronic Illness. When & How to Purchase Travel Insurance

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