Our current books are important resources for seniors and those with disabilities looking to improve their daily living and enjoy more independence.


book-cover-pubs“I’m Disabled . . . Now What?”

Lifestyle Changes

We learned firsthand that assisting disabled people in “real world” situations gave us a unique and invaluable perspective. We discovered there was a glaring lack of reliable, up-to-date lifestyle change resources, all located in one place. We observed that this created yet another obstacle for those that were adjusting to the physical, emotional and psychological impact of becoming disabled. That’s why we developed “I’m Disabled . . . Now What?” a guide to Lifestyle Changes to help seniors and those with disabilities enjoy more independent and enriched lifestyles.



Getting Paid

Filing Disability Claims Correctly

Our experience has proven to us that filling out a 20 page claim form with one “wrong” answer can result in a claim being denied. This can be intimidating to MOST claimants; especially at the same time they’re facing the physical and emotional impact of a life altering disability. This is why we created Getting Paid’, a resource manual on filing disability claims and appeals (how to do it “right” the first time).